3 Crazy Simple Dog Training Tips for Pup Parents

crazy simple dog training tips

Before I share 3 crazy simple dog training tips for pup parents, can I ask you something?

Remember that time you took your adorable, rowdy puppy to a dog training class?

Was your pup so excited that you couldn’t get him to settle down?

Or was the little guy so overwhelmed that he just wanted to escape!

I can still remember feeling awkward as a newbie and wondering how my puppy felt about his experience with training.

Thank goodness the days are long gone when pups were punished with “leash pops” and other stuff that we dog trainers now call aversive.

Crazy Simple Dog Training Tips for Modern Pup Parents

Today’s dog training has evolved way beyond those days. During the past twenty or thirty years, there’s been a shift in the way people raise and train their family dogs.  

If you’re reading this, then I gotta believe that you are someone who considers your dog a member of your family. 

But not in the over-sentimental “fur-baby” way.

Rather, you believe in your gut that your dog is an intelligent, sentient being.  Because of that, you’re committed to taking responsibility for his well-being.

To put it simply, you’re a dog parent – a dog mom or a dog dad.

Yet, unfortunately, there are some who still believe that aversive tactics work best (they don’t) because they were good enough for grandma (they weren’t).  

On the other hand, modern dog training strives to be minimally aversive.  As a result of that approach, we can always find a kinder, clearer, and simpler way to get a dog to do what you want. What great news that is for dog parents and, of course, for our dogs!

With that said, are you ready to hear about the 3 crazy simple dog training tips for pup parents?

First Tip: Smile

Dogs are genius at reading body language signals so you have to mean it when you smile at your dog. Your kind smile is both a  welcome and an invitation to collaborate.

Second Tip: Talk

Learning is an emotional conversation between you and your dog. Be as clear as you would be with a friend. Look for good things to praise and skip giving orders your dog doesn’t understand.

Third Tip: Play

Your dog was born to play.  Dogs naturally learn by playing. Everything you want your dog to learn you can teach by playing games. Which game is your dog’s favorite? 

Such simple tips, right? 

But I won’t lie to you. To be completely honest, those three simple tips aren’t exactly easy.  Specifically, you might not get the results you want right away.  And so you need to be patient and consistent. Behavior changes take time. So stay the course, because the payoff is worth the effort!

Meanwhile, if you get a jump start with these three crazy simple tips, you’ll be lightyears ahead of anyone else. That’s because you simply set your dog up to be successful and enjoy the ride! So awesome!!

Just one more thing…I’m not letting you leave empty-handed.  So I made an infographic for you. It’s called 14 True Things About Training Dogs. The 14 things all reflect the philosophy and best practices of modern dog training without aversive tactics.

Click below to download yours for free. I’m always interested in your thoughts – just leave a comment to let me know.

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