4 Things Dog Parents Must Know to Avoid a Holiday Pet Emergency

avoid a holiday pet emergency

A holiday pet emergency that sends you and your family pet to the animal ER clinic is nobody’s idea of “comfort and joy”! And yet, during holiday seasons veterinary hospitals see a dramatic rise in emergency visits.

Consequently, as dog parents, you must know about the 4 areas of risk to dogs that are unique to winter holiday celebrations. In order to avoid a holiday pet emergency and disruption of family celebrations, be aware of the potential hazards to your dog. Then take the necessary preventive measures.

4 Holiday Hazards

Obviously, we view the potential hazards as risks to avoid. However, your dog sees them as curious novelties to investigate. According to one veterinary emergency hospital the 4 common holiday hazards that send pet dogs to the ER in the midst of family gatherings are:

  • Toxic Foods
  • Hazardous Houseguests
  • Disastrous Decorations
  • Poisonous Plants

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guide to winter holiday dog safety

Toxic Foods: Avoid a Holiday Pet Emergency

“Turkey and ham scraps contain high levels of fat and salt and can cause severe inflammation of the pancreas. Pets with pancreatitis often require hospitalization with intravenous fluids and medications to recover from severe abdominal pain, and can develop chronic conditions”

Other foods to avoid include caffeine and alcohol, sugar and sweets, fatty and spicy foods. In addition, raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, chocolate, and the artificial sweetener xylitol are toxic to dogs. In the Dog Parent’s Guide, you’ll find lists of safe and toxic foods for dogs. And further, learn about healthy ways to share holiday foods with your dog.

Hazardous Houseguests Need House Rules

“Holiday houseguests may not understand the potentially disastrous consequences of letting your cat slip out through the front door or sneaking your dog treats from the dinner table. Ensure all guests know the house rules.” 

Consequently, establishing House Rules with guests to prevent a holiday pet emergency may be challenging. And yet you can stick to rules if they make sense. Clearly, dogs can easily become overstimulated. So have a “do not disturb the dog” rule when the dog is resting. Also, important is enforcing a strict rule about feeding the dog. The Dog Parent’s Guide has a complete section on House Rules and houseguests.

Disastrous Decorations Attract Curious Pets

Your pet may assume your perfectly decorated Christmas tree is a gigantic jungle gym that you’ve erected just for them, so take care to avoid these potential dangers: electric cords, breakable ornaments, salt dugh ornaments, tree water.

Ribbon, wrapping paper, tinsel, and small parts and pieces can all be dangerous if your dog or cat ingests them. How can you be sure your dog’s curiosity about new sights and smells doesn’t end in disaster? Although some may say that training will prevent trouble, that isn’t true. This situation calls for smart upstream management. Specifically, prevent problems before they happen.

Poisonous Plants: Hidden Holiday Pet Emergency

Many of the plants commonly used to deck the halls can be toxic if your pet eats part of one. Keep poisonous varieties, such as mistletoe, holly, balsam, pine, and cedar, away from all pets.”

Unfortunately, so many of the beautiful holiday plants we love are poisonous to dogs and cats. Of course, the welfare of your family pets is a priority. That’s why dog parents must know how to carefully select and display holiday plants.

Dog Parent’s Complete Holiday Guide to Dog Safety

avid holiday pet emergencies

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