At Home With Dogs 1.0

5 Quick Strategies to Keep Bored Dogs Busy At Home So You Can Get Your Stuff Done!


Having their people stay home with them all day is every dog’s dream!

But when their dream unexpectedly came true at last, clever canines everywhere got even more greedy for attention!

At Home With Dogs  

Training Guide

5 Simple Steps to a Cooperative Family Pet.

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Featuring my 5-month-old puppy, Radar.   Watch his training videos and see how he learns each exercise!

Here’s Everything You Get…

5 Dog Training Shortcuts to Save You Time:

1. The simple game that turns you into a magnet when you call your dog
2. How to get your dog to happily do what you want every time without threats or bribes
3. First steps to getting your dog to choose to pay attention to you instead of distractions
4. An easy and fun way to teach your dog to go lie down on his bed and just relax
5. The surprising solution to prevent a dog from jumping on you – it’s the opposite of what you’re thinking and it works like a charm!

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How to Fix Common Dog Training Mistakes and transform the way your dog responds to you!

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