Discover Virtual Dog Training

Discover Virtual Dog Training and Connect with Expert TrainersVirtual Dog Training helps all dogs.

Most serious dog training competitors and professionals discover virtual dog training as an outstanding way to share ideas and learn from other experts.  You have the same opportunity to connect with a top professional anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

However, you'll quickly discover that there's an overwhelming supply of free information on the internet.  A quick Google search turns up countless videos, blogs, articles, and websites.   It's difficult for a newbie to filter out the best information and reject the not-so-good advice.

As you click through these resources you'll also find conflicting methods.  It's hard to know who and what to trust unless you already have a foundation that helps you evaluate the training advice.

But trying out different approaches to see what works may be okay for other things but it's a very bad idea for training your dog.

You can avoid the confusion, the overwhelm, the inconsistency, and the time-sucking trial-and-error by picking one thing, one person to follow, one method to use.  And then, be like a postage stamp:  stick to one thing until you get there!

How to Pick Your One Thing

You'll want a proven system that aligns with your values.  Don't follow any advice that feels wrong.

Look for a good communicator who can convey information in a simple and well-organized way.  Understanding things clearly makes you feel confident.

Choose up-to-date training practices that adhere to the current science of canine learning and behavior.  With reward-based training, you'll never do harm or feel guilty.

You can find the criteria for a great dog trainer inside my free online course How to Hire a Great Dog Trainer.  Click the button to sign up now for free.



A Good Trainer is Seriously Invested in Your Personal Success.

A good trainer is a trusted guide.  You can expect to receive benefits from this guidance including:

  • personal attention,
  • geographic freedom – no limits because of location
  • customized instruction – focus on your needs
  • a permanent archive of all your lessons
  • a library of resources,
  • the opportunity to learn through multiple channels – audio, visual, and text
  • a transformational learning experience. 

Let Me Help You with a Virtual Dog Training Program Designed Just for You and Your Dog!

The three training programs which are now available only to local clients can be smoothly transitioned to customized online training available to anyone in any location!

Contact me to learn details and prices for Online Programs.

  • The Starter Program is for a dog owner who wants to start at the very beginning and learn the basics.
  • The Spotlight Program is specifically designed for dog owners who may have a little previous experience with dogs but now want guidance and support to solve one or more problems.
  • The Star Program is for dog owners with any level of experience who are committed to developing exceptional reliability with a proven dog training system.  

The online versions of these programs all include exceptional benefits available only with online training:

  • Flexible scheduling  You can schedule your personal online lessons at a time that is convenient, even if it is outside of regular business hours.
  • Resources  You'll have instant access to downloadable worksheets, notes, checklists and study guides. You'll also receive links to useful videos and websites.
  • Recordings  You will always be able to review your sessions as often as you want because the recordings are yours to keep forever.  We will use Zoom as our internet meeting platform.
  • Extra support  You have the unique advantage of email and phone follow up.  Your results are my top priority and I will do everything in my power to support your success.
  • Planning and Prep  Before each scheduled lesson, you will submit a “prep form” so that I will know in advance your questions, concerns, and priorities for that lesson.

Still not sure?  No problem!

Take a short survey to see if online training can help you.  When you submit your survey, you can request a free coaching session.


Virtual Dog Training helps puppies, too.