Dog Training Answer that’s Hidden in Plain Sight

Dog Training Answers

A dog training answer that perfectly satisfies your question about your dog can sometimes seem hard to find. Yet, what if it were not only easy to find but right there at your fingertips? The video below gives you details, but first, some background.

Honestly, have you ever searched for something you really needed, gotten totally frustrated, and then realized that it was in plain sight all along?

I guess we’ve all been there!  That’s exactly what I experienced a few months ago. That was when I learned about an exciting dog training answer that made my jaw drop. It seemed incredible that, although this simple approach to human learning has always been around in plain sight, it’s been mostly overlooked in dog training. 

The Simple Dog Training Answer that Trainers Overlook

Why overlooked? I guess it’s human nature to dismiss a solution if it seems too simple.  Yet it’s also true that often the simplest solution is the best solution!

I’ve been training dogs for myself and for other people for decades.  It’s been my lifelong passion. It never gets old or boring because behavior science is constantly evolving. There are always new things to discover, learn, and try.

In my personal evolution with dogs, a defining moment was when I made the commitment to positive reinforcement training and rejected the forceful methods I had once learned to use.

That brings me to the plain sight approach that I was so excited to discover. Learning and testing this simple dog training answer has been another defining moment for me as a dog trainer.  Living with dogs will never be the same – in the best possible way! 

Have we overlooked an obvious dog training solution to these common problems?

Jumping on People

Dogs greet this way because they can. What if dogs had another way to greet you and still get everything they want?

Pulling on the Leash

Leash pulling builds up friction for both you and the dog.  But why do dogs pull? Suppose they didn’t have to.

Ignoring You When You Call

We tend to take it personally when dogs ignore us. How can we revise what we offer the dog in exchange?

Barking Too Much

Dogs bark for lots of reasons. Can we offer them other behavior choices for some of those reasons?

As you watch the video you’ll find out about the dog training answer that’s been in plain sight all along and why it works so brilliantly! 

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