5 essentials for a foolproof dog training plan

A dog training plan is a lot like a plan for a road trip.

You already know where you're headed on your road trip. And your GPS told you how to get from where you are now to your destination. 

A foolproof dog training plan also works like a GPS to get you to where you want to go.  But you have to know your destination and follow the directions. 

If you've been disappointed with your training results in the past, it might be because you jumped into the middle without first having a clear training plan.

5 Essential Questions

In order to get reliable results, your foolproof dog training plan (based on modern science) has to first answer 5 essential questions:

  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to go from here? 
  • How will I get there?
  • What tools do I already have and what else do I need?
  • What will I do when I get there?

Quick example:

Where am I now?   My dog jumps on me.

Where do I want to go?  I want my dog to keep 4 paws on the floor.

How will I get there?  Make 4-paws-on-the-floor my dog's most appealing choice.

What tools do I have and what do I need? I have an affectionate dog that wants my attention.  I need a better way to deliver my attention as a reward instead of as a reprimand.

What will I do to maintain better behavior in the future? I'll continue rewarding 4-paws-on-the-floor until it grows into a habit for both me and my dog.

Why did your dog training plans fail?  

The biggest reason a dog training plan fails is that it's incomplete. If you stay stuck on the first question, then your attention and energy stay stuck on the problem so you're too exhausted to work out a solution.

Whatever gets your attention will grow stronger.  If the problem gets all your attention, then you're fueling the problem and so it will grow stronger.

 In my coaching program, I walk dog parents through all 5 essential questions so they don't stay stuck on the problem. I show you how to put your energy into building a strong and lasting solution.

After we work together, dog moms and dads feel confident about having a well-trained dog that has learned what to do. Best of all, they feel closer to their dog than they did before training.  They reached their destination more smoothly and far faster than they ever would have by figuring it out alone!

Your Foolproof Dog Training Plan

Is a training plan like that something that appeals to you? If it sparks your curiosity, you can click on the link below. You'll find details about my program that can help you decide if it's the right fit for you. 


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