Choose the Plan That's Best for You!

Private Lessons


Option 1: Pay-as-you-go Private Lessons. 

  • Individual Private Lessons at Your Home are $60. per hour.
  • Additional time is prorated in 15-minute intervals.

Option 2: Prepay for a Four-lesson Plus Video Bundle that includes 2 bonuses and a 28% discount.

Your Four Lesson Plus Video Bundle INCLUDES:
  • Three one hour private lessons valued at $180.
  • One ninety minute lesson valued at $90.
  • One Private Video Critique for your dog so that we can view and remedy a specific behavior problem. Valued at $75.
The Total Value of your Bundle is $345. 
You pay only $250. after your discount.  That's a savings of $95.

*Please note that you will be charged for lessons that are not canceled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance.


Board and Train


  • Board and Train dogs are accepted on an individual basis. 
  • A custom training plan is first developed with the owner(s). 
  • Minimum stay is 2 weeks to maximize the training plan.
  • Fee: $350. per week.   $1300. per month.
 Payments are accepted in person by cash or check. 
Credit card payments can be made in advance via PayPal. Contact me for details.


New in 2019!

Online Video Coaching Calls are now available!

Check out all these unexpected benefits of Online Coaching!
  • Convenient appointment times with more flexibility
  • No limitations because of location – call in from anywhere
  • Select your priority in advance so that the call focuses on exactly what you need
  • The recording is yours to keep for future reference
  • Review, pause and rewind the recording of the call as many times as you need to
  • No worries about forgetting any part of the lesson
  • View the video recording with family members who did not attend the lesson so they can help train the dog
  • You'll receive an email follow-up with the call summary notes
  • Text or email me for clarification about anything covered in the lesson between scheduled Coaching Calls
  • View relevant resources in real time through screen sharing
  • My existing private clients can combine video coaching with face-to-face lessons
  • Calls are scheduled bi-weekly to allow time to review the recording and call summary, practice your new skills, and prepare your questions for the next session.







If walking your dog on a leash is turning into a daily tug-of-war, I can help you fix it with 3 simple steps! Just tell me where to send your copy of my leash manners lesson.