Core Skills For Puppies

Puppy resting his head between his pawsCore Skills For Puppies

Raising a Puppy Is Fun But It Also Has Its Challenges!

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Few experiences can match the fun and excitement of bringing home your new puppy!

But puppies aren’t born understanding your house rules!

The trick is to stay ahead of problems and instill good habits before your puppy ever learns bad ones.

Here are some challenges new puppy parents experience:

  • Puppies explore the world by putting everything in their mouths – including your fingers and your belongings!
  • Your new puppy doesn’t yet know how to find his outside “bathroom”, so he will use whatever is nearby just like he did when he was with his siblings.
  • When your puppy is unhappy or needs something, he gets your attention by barking or whining.
  • Walking nicely on a leash doesn’t come naturally, so your puppy must learn how.
  • Choosing a name for your new puppy doesn’t mean that he will know what it means.
  • Your puppy will show he's happy to see you by jumping up– even with muddy paws!

muddy puppySometimes it feels overwhelming!

Conflicting puppy training advice from well-meaning family and friends adds to the confusion. Good advice?  Bad advice?  How can you tell the difference?  You often feel embarrassed about not being able to get your puppy to listen to you.  To make matters worse, you're uncertain about what to do about house training “accidents” because you need to get your puppy housebroken ASAP.

Yet, you're a devoted puppy parent. You want to raise your puppy to become a well mannered grown-up dog.  However, you struggle to find the best way to get your puppy to listen to you, stop biting and jumping, and always come when you call him. Despite your best efforts, your puppy still bites your hands, chews your stuff, jumps on the kids, and pees on the floor!

Common Sense Solutions to Puppy Challenges

Golden Retriever puppy

Challenges like these don't have to be frustrating or confusing. Sound, common-sense solutions are rooted in behavioral science. They have been thoroughly tested and proven effective in puppies and dogs.  Raising your puppy can be fun and enormously rewarding if you follow a clear step-by-step plan and use a proven system. 

Core Skills For Puppies will give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you're preparing your puppy for his future with a solid foundation in positive training.


Core Skills For Puppies – Six-Part Online Course 

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  • Find out how to create a Foolproof House Breaking Plan
  • Get more done in less time when you use my Micro-Lesson Method
  • Have fun with games that teach your puppy impulse control, respect for boundaries, and to wait for permission
  • Use a fear-free Crate Training system that gets your puppy loving his crate and happily going there when you send him
  • Start with simple exercises to teach excellent Leash Manners without force, restraint or yanking on your puppy
  • Learn to build your puppy's habit of always coming to you when you call his name
  • Gently teach your puppy to willingly accept handling without struggling so that you can wipe paws, brush teeth, and perform regular grooming tasks without facing resistance.
  • Know when and how to Interrupt and Redirect your puppy's undesirable behaviors
  • Learn how to use a powerful Time-Out strategy to restore calmness and cooperation
  • Get enthusiastic cooperation from your puppy by using the principles of canine learning theory and the basics of behavior modification
  • Discover how your beliefs and mindset dramatically impact your puppy's performance
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