How to Fix 5 Deadly Dog Training Mistakes

  • How to use training mistakes to your advantage.
  • Know when to revise your plan and when to quit.
  • Get farther ahead when you do less instead of more.

The First Month With Your New Puppy

The First Month With Your New Puppy  

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First Impressions Matter!

Those first few weeks with your new puppy are the ideal time to establish a great relationship, set clear boundaries and begin a joyful life together!

Preparation prevents problems!

I totally understand how much fun it is to watch your puppy grow up!    However, raising him so that he has every chance to fulfill his potential takes planning.  When you know what to expect you can be far more effective.

The purpose of this mini-course is to give you a step-by-step guide through the first critical month you spend with your new puppy. It targets your most urgent concerns including:

  • housebreaking,
  • manners at home,
  • leash walking, and
  • coming when called.

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