Thing#1 About Puppies is Curiosity.

When dog moms reach out for help to understand “the thing” about their puppies, they speak from their hearts. They're clear about priorities. Harmony in the family and kindness to the dog.

However, they need help closing the gap between achieving harmony and showing kindness. Because it isn't an either/or situation.

Although the circumstances for every dog, dog mom, and family are unique, looking at the common threads is a good way to start closing the gap between harmony and kindness.

So in order to speak to all of you dog moms, I singled out three common threads, three things, to understand about your puppies and dogs.

Thing #1 about your puppy or your dog: Curiosity

Dogs are born hardwired to explore. 

Mere minutes after birth they're already sniffing out their food source.  They can't see, hear, or walk, and yet their sense of smell enables them to survive and thrive.
Sniffing, hunting, and exploring are as natural to dogs as breathing. 
Puppies are so curious about smells that they'll dig up, crawl under, climb over, and tear up whatever is between them and the thing that they smell. Discovery (whatever it takes!) is its own reward for puppies.
For humans, on the other hand…maybe not so much.

Curiosity ignores boundaries. So your puppy steals your stuff.

Puppy Curiosity

It's easy to let your emotions get the best of you when your puppy is in possession of something unsafe or expensive! But behavioral psychology teaches us that reacting with punishment is the least effective prevention and is most likely to maintain the behavior rather than stop it. If you've tried punishment, you know it can only work by instilling fear.  It will never lead to harmony or kindness.

OK, so understanding a puppy or living with a dog can sometimes try the patience of a saint! 

Here's a strategy to save your sanity: Play the “This For That” game.

Would you like to see a free demo video of the “This For That” game? Click HERE so I know you're interested and I'll send you the videos when they're ready!

To play “This For That”, first, teach your puppy how to trade. But don't make the mistake of trying to teach it when you're desperate to take back a stolen item! 
An even exchange means both parties walk away satisfied.  When you play the “This For That” game with your puppy you offer value for value. The puppy exercises choice. You teach your puppy that what you offer in trade has as much value as the thing he possesses. You close the value gap. 
When you and your pup master the “This For That” game, you become the source of all the good things that dogs value. That includes attention, companionship, and affection, not only food and toys.

>Teach the game intentionally in a calm environment.
->Offer even exchanges such as special high-value treats in exchange for a toy.
->It's teamwork, not a competition. 
->The real power of this game is that the dog always has free choice and is never forced. 

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Coming Next- Thing #2 about your puppy or dog:

Social Attraction

Happy trading!

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