About Marilyn & Dog Wisdom Workshop

Marilyn Mele

Hi there,

I’m Marilyn Mele, a Professional Dog Trainer and Founder of Dog Wisdom Workshop and Marilyn Mele Professional Dog Training.

I teach dog parents how to instill good habits in their dogs and in themselves so that they can prevent frustrating behavior problems before they happen.

My down-to-earth, dog-friendly online coaching program lets owners enjoy their dogs while they teach them how to be calm, happy, cooperative family members.

Happy dog, happy human!

My Mission

There’s more to training a dog than just having one!  So dog parents can often experience frustration and even embarrassment when they expect their dogs to have good manners at home and in public. To fix this problem, I teach purposeful solutions for safely training dogs with science-based positive reinforcement without risking the negative outcomes of punishment-based methods. 

Work With Me

My Virtual Private Coaching and Online Signature Programs provide every dog parent with a proven, step-by-step system that prevents problems before they occur without reactive force or intimidating punishment.

Whether you need a foolproof housebreaking plan, a reliable system to get your dog to come when you call, a method to teach loose leash walking, or a purposeful solution to another dog parent dilemma, you can be confident that one of my custom programs is perfect for you.

Find the purposeful solution that’s right for you.