Your Dog’s July 4th Survival Kit Day Two

Day Two  Action Plan Checklists

Today I want to help you plan ahead and be prepared.  You can use these three Checklists:

Download the Checklists here:

Checklist #1  Must Haves

These are things that directly impact your dog’s safety.  Don’t neglect them.  I’m including precautions like making sure your fence is secure, removing any fireworks debris from the dog’s yard, making sure your dog’s collar fits properly so that it will not slip over his head if he should panic and try to escape.

Checklist #2  Recommended 

The items on this checklist are not required but having them on hand would be helpful.  Choose a few that make sense to you.

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Checklist #3  Suggestions

Disclaimer: The supplements, herbals, and oils mentioned in this Checklist are offered for your consideration, further research, and follow up with your veterinarian.  All of this is general information and not in any way intended as medical advice.

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