Custom VIP Dog Training Masterclass

Custom VIP Dog Training MasterclassDog wearing a graduation cap

Marilyn Mele, Instructor, Online Coach

This Custom VIP Dog Training Masterclass is an elite, comprehensive six-month online coaching package for dog owners who are seriously seeking expert guidance, personal coaching, and a clear path to exceptional results with a proven dog training system.

Finding good dog training can be a challenge!

Did you run up against any of these problems?

  • You didn’t get any personal help in a group training class or in a course with a one-size-fits-all curriculum.
  • Six weeks of training barely scratched the surface! You’re still struggling with the same questions you had when you started!
  • You couldn’t find anyone with the right expertise to guide you in accomplishing the results you want in a way that is kind to your dog.
  • The conflicting messages about dog training that you find on the internet or on social media sites have left you confused and frustrated.
  • You were told you had to be “dominant”, work harder and spend more time on boring training exercises if you wanted to succeed.
  • You feel desperate for help but don’t know where to look or who to trust.

Your frustration is understandable! You want a well-behaved dog so that you can enjoy his companionship and feel proud of him in public.  

I share your feelings and I want to help!

That’s why I created this Custom VIP Online Dog Training Masterclass.Golden Retriever high five

  • It’s for dog owners who want exceptional VIP service – because that’s exactly what I would want for my own dogs and for myself.
  • You’ll use a training system that’s tested, proven, and trusted by positive dog trainers worldwide. It’s supported by science and approved by millions of happy dogs!
  • You get a full six months of personal coaching (not six weeks!) so that you can ask questions, troubleshoot challenges, and feel confident about your dog training ability.
  • Because your coaching sessions are online, you can schedule them at a convenient time and enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Training your dog at home eliminates the unnecessary distractions that make training harder than it should be.
  • Your coaching is structured, but it’s also flexible so that you can get personal attention for the unexpected.
  • The training is both consistent and adjustable because when you work with a dog, you must be organized.  But you must also be ready to adapt when things don’t go as you planned.
  • A “cookie-cutter” training approach doesn’t hold up over time because dog training is dynamic and ever-changing as dogs and people learn and improve.

Dog training isn’t supposed to be hard work and it should never be boring!

In fact, if you’re not having FUN, then you’re doing it all wrong!

Are you and your dog a good fit for a VIP Dog Training Masterclass?Person hugging her dog

Let’s look at two examples of what a good fit for VIP coaching might look like:

  1. Dogs with special needs, and
  2. Dogs that need training with a specific purpose in mind.

If You Have A Dog with Special Needs…

Sometimes dog behavior problems are complicated. To solve a problem, it might be necessary to set aside the ordinary training process and create a unique approach from scratch.  Special needs could include:

  • A rescue dog who needs confidence.
  • A bossy dog who has become too demanding.
  • A timid dog who isn’t socialized with strangers.

Your training plan may need to tackle one problem at a time. That approach lets you establish a positive foundation so that you can use your dog’s new skills to replace the problem behavior.

If You Want to Train Your Dog with a Specific Purpose in Mind…Puppy raising one paw

Perhaps you want your dog to master special skills that go beyond routine companionship at home.

  • You may want to bring your dog to work, travel with your dog, or go for long walks.
  • Maybe you have always dreamed of having a perfectly well-behaved dog and you don’t know how to even get started.
  • You may want to safely run, hike, bike with your dog, or take him boating.
  • You may want to bring your dog to visit someone in a rehab facility or a nursing home.
  • Maybe you want your dog to participate in a certified Therapy Dog program.
  • You may require reliable off-leash and/or hand signal control.
  • You may want to take your dog to public events and public places.
  • You might have specific needs involving family members at home.

All dogs of any age and any breed deserve the benefits of a good education so that they can live happily as beloved members of their human families!Dog touching a person's hand

How Does Virtual Coaching Work for Dog Training?

We use an online meeting platform for coaching sessions, so you will need a computer and an internet connection.

  • You can view my computer screen during each coaching session, so you’ll get instant access to videos, pictures, charts and other valuable visuals.
  • Before each session, you’ll send me a “prep form” to let me know where you most need help in the upcoming session.
  • We can look at videos that you send me of your dog in action so that I can provide feedback and advise you.
  • Coaching sessions are recorded for you so that you can keep them forever as your personal dog training resource.
  • Your online coaching sessions won’t conflict with other obligations because you choose the day and time. No need to commit to the same day and time every week.

Your Masterclass is intentionally open-ended so that each dog-and-owner team can receive a customized Individual Training Plan created exclusively for that team.

  • We can begin with basics and build step-by-step to advanced skills.
  • If it’s appropriate, we can jump to one or two urgent concerns and work on those first

What will your Dog Training Masterclass be like?

  • You and I will work out a practical, step-by-step Individual Training Plan that is easy for you to follow.
  • When you see how to use powerful Mini-Sessions in your daily routine, you’ll save time and see faster results.
  • You can track your progress and see a roadmap of where you’ve been and where you’re going. No pressure, no guilt!
  • Always recommit to your vision for your ideal outcome, remember your “WHY”, and feel encouraged.
  • Get answers to all your questions.  Ask me anything!
  • Get feedback on your videos so that I can advise you about training strategies
  • Discover how your dog’s body language sends you clues about his state of mind and how to make good use of that information.
  • Identify your dog’s stress signals during training, or at other times, and determine ways you can you support your dog when he’s stressed.
  • Tips to make sure every training session is fun for you and your dog. How you can increase the fun and excitement and keep your dog calm and attentive.
  • Because learning is a process, not an event, and behavior changes don’t happen instantly, we celebrate the small successes.
  • Uncover the hidden opportunities in setbacks and challenges because “failures” can make us smarter!
  • Decide on your Plan of Action to prepare for your next coaching session.

What can a VIP Dog Training Masterclass do for you?Dog in classroom

  • Be smarter about getting your dog to do what you want because you now know how his mind works.
  • Keep your dog mentally and physically fit and active so he stays calm and relaxed.
  • Discover why working harder and longer is NOT the way to have a well-trained dog
  • Expertly leverage the power of Mini-Sessions so that you can get more done in less time.
  • Prevent or change your dog’s undesirable behaviors without ever having to use punishment.
  • Your dog is excited and happy to work with you because the training sessions are fun and filled with surprises.
  • Your dog makes good choices on his own so that you never have to nag him to listen to you.
  • You joyfully embrace your role as your dog’s partner.
  • And, most important, you achieve the training goals in your Individual Training Plan so that your vision can become your reality.

What You Get in Your Masterclass Program:

  • 12 sixty-minute online coaching sessions
  • 12 thirty-minute follow-up phone calls
  • An Individual Training Plan that maps out your vision for your ideal dog and for the results you want to achieve through training
  • Detailed study guides and workbooks to help you get the most out of coaching
  • Notes and a written summary following each Dog Training Masterclass coaching session
  • Feedback on videos that you send me so you can see your dog’s actions from a new perspective
  • Checklists to help you keep track of your successes
  • Email and text support for meeting reminders, bonus resources, and questions.
  • Exclusive VIP access to additional online dog training courses, because the more you know the better you can do for your dog and for yourself.
  • Flexible scheduling for your convenience and privacy at home
  • Membership in a private VIP Members Only Facebook Group so that you can share your ups and downs with like-minded people, give and receive praise for successes, and hang out with folks who love talking about dogs.

 Want to learn more?Dog in Graduation cap with diploma

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  • After you answer the Survey questions, you will be able to request a Free Session.  Ask me anything!
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