Dog Moms: What Christmas Gift Does My Dog Really Want?

What Christmas gift does my dog really want?

When dog moms ask, “What Christmas gift does my dog really want?” the answer is a seemingly endless list of pet industry offerings. Toys of every imaginable description, treats with a list of gourmet ingredients, fancy collars, leashes, beds, and clothing.

Do searches for humans have as many choices?

Come to think of it, every one of those dog Christmas gift ideas is really designed to persuade dog moms that IT is the perfect answer to the question, “What Christmas gift does my dog really want?”

You love your dogs and consider them family members (that’s why you’re a dog mom instead of just an owner). So, you don’t need a Google search to know that what your dog really, really wants isn’t just a super-cute Christmas toy.

However, let’s ask the question a different way:

What’s it like to be my dog? If I were to swap places with my dog, what would I really want?

Questions like that are not as farfetched as they may seem at first. Scientists who explore how our connection to animals impacts people, also endeavor to understand how animals perceive humans. A positive human-animal relationship will determine the welfare of that animal.

For now, let’s continue our imaginary identity swap. Suppose you are your dog. What do you really want from your person?

Do you want to feel safe and free from fear? Belong to and receive affection from your family? Feel physically healthy and pain-free? Have a comfortable place to rest? Be free to express your true nature as a dog?

A Full-Time Job

Without a doubt, you provide all that and more for your family dog. It’s a full-time job though, isn’t it?

And, as life gets more and more hectic during the holiday season, it’s more important now than ever before to exercise empathy and to be your dog.

Because then you’ll know how to prevent a well-meaning house guest from intruding into your dog’s space and making him feel unsafe. You’ll put a stop to any ideas of sneaking the dog a bit of the festive food from your holiday table because you know that some of those foods could make him horribly sick. When the party gets noisy, your dog’s behavior tells you that he needs a break and so you take him to his quiet safe haven to relax for a while.

If I’m being my dog, I know that the Christmas gift I really want is the well-being and trust I feel when my mom keeps me safe and free to be ME!

Need-To-Know Facts at Your Fingertips

If you’re thinking, WAIT! Guests, food, stress, WHAT?

Would it help if you had a mobile app with your dog mom answers organized for you in categories? Of course, it would! When you want info, you want it now.

My mission is to make dogs happier by supporting dog moms. After all, the family dog often chooses mom as “his person”. To help you act as a true advocate on behalf of your dog, the 2021 Dog Parent’s Complete Holiday Guide to Dog Safety is available now. It includes nine categories such as food, anxiety, travel, emergencies, decorations, indoor holiday plants, and gifts (edible or not).

And when you get the mobile app, you can immediately access what you need on any device whenever you need it!

It’s packed with year-round need-to-know facts for dog parents. But during hectic holidays it’s especially important to have facts literally at your fingertips.

What Christmas gift does my dog really want? That’s easy…it’s the same thing all dogs always want. My dog wants to know he can count on me to always have his back.

Click below to find out more about how you can use the Holiday Guide to dog Safety.

Dog Parent's Complete Holiday Guide to Dog Safety

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