Simple Updated Dog Training Just Makes Sense

Simple updated dog training just makes sense.

If simple updated dog training just makes sense, then why do so many of us believe it’s too complicated, too time-consuming, too futile?

A lot of us dog people struggle with questions like these…

“What can I do when my dog jumps on me – or on visitors?” 

“How can I get my dog to quit pulling on the leash when we go for a walk?”

Sound familiar?

So many dog parents ask the same questions. You’re not the only one!  It can be so frustrating. You’re dealing with your dog’s unwanted behavior (jumping on you), you’re struggling to reverse it (make the jumping stop), but it’s already too far gone. And it feels like things are getting out of control! 

Outdated Practices Failed

I remember training my first dog. It was long ago and the methods were different back then.

The outdated dog training we used at that time said that you had to “correct” the dog and not let your “dominant” dog “get away with it”. (Whatever “it” was supposed to mean.) “Corrections” usually involved fear, force, pain, and punishment. They frequently required inflicting pain with electric shock or chain collars. Aside from being inhumane, we now know those practices failed.

If those outdated practices failed, then how can you be successful today with a dog that jumps, pulls, barks, digs, or runs away?

Simple Updated Dog Training Just Makes Sense

You can actually succeed brilliantly. The proof of your future success is in the ongoing wonderful discoveries of the science of canine behavior.

Modern dog training doesn’t waste your valuable time with useless advice – like saying you can change an already aroused dog midstream. And then making you feel guilty when that fails.

Instead, modern well-prepared dog trainers use “upstream thinking”. They prevent problems before they happen. They set the dog up for success and make successes repeatable.

Today’s trainers don’t ask how to stop a dog from XYZ.  What they do ask, however, is what good habit they can instill in the dog’s behavior that will replace the unwanted XYZ.

That’s why simple updated dog training just makes sense.

It’s the quickest route to take your dog along on a journey from where he is now to where you want him to be. Unfortunately, though, those outdated quick-fix “shortcuts” lead you on a long and complicated route to a different destination. One you probably didn’t intend…

You Can Get There

No need for misleading shortcuts. You can instill the good habits that you want in your dog. And then you can let those wanted habits replace the habits you don’t want.

Simple updated dog training just makes sense because it’s uncomplicated. It’s user-friendly. 

All you need to do is simply take the right steps in the right order, and you’ll get there.

Enough to think about for now…let this first part sink in. In the next post, Part 2, I’ll tell you what the right steps are and how to take them one at a time and in the right order. 

I’ll tell you all about teaching your dog four habits that are the cornerstones of everything he has to know. As you put the cornerstone habits in place, you can watch your “dream dog” take shape before your eyes.

How exciting is that!

See you in Part 2 of this series: The Four Cornerstone Habits That All Dogs Need and All Owners Want

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