Where Is Goldilocks When You Need Her?

I’m looking for Goldilocks. It could involve you, so hear me out.

I’ve been cooking up an idea for nearly a year. 

And now it’s about time to serve up that idea to dog peeps like you so you can sample it for yourselves!

Wait. Let me back up here for a sec…

If you know me at all, you know I’m all about helping dog owners fix whatever they feel is broken.  Nothing lights me up more than a wagging tail and a delighted smile at the end of a lesson!

I used to love visiting clients in their homes. These days, however, we do Zoom meetings.  Times have changed. But the confident smiles and wagging tails are just the same as they’ve always been. When people get results, they’re happy. Bottom line.

A happy result for you as a dog owner means finding what’s just right for you. Not too much and not too little. Just right.

Yes, Goldilocks, I’m talking to you!

And that’s how the seed for my virtual learning idea started to really grow like crazy. An online course that’s just right for dog owners could not only multiply happy smiles and wagging tails, but it could also…

  • save time and money,
  • offer unique benefits like recorded lessons and digital workbooks,
  • maximize flexibility by letting everyone progress at their own pace.
  • And with a community of likeminded dog owners, people could help each other be accountable.

Sounds amazing, right? Not too much, but just enough.  Just right.

But where to start?  When dog owners talk to me about their dogs, they usually ask me really focused questions. They want to know exactly what to do right now! They want to make everything right.

So I took a closer look at the concerns that dog owners focused on most often. 

And it turns out that the one problem that was, hands down, the most frustrating, most disruptive, and most urgent was housebreaking failures. Not only with puppies, but with dogs of all ages.  The dog owners who faced this dilemma felt angry, helpless, and guilty – all at the same time!  Some even considered rehoming their dogs. 

(If that’s you, keep your dog and hang tight!) 

That’s when I got really clear on my vision for addressing this urgent problem. I had already developed a proven, science-based system that consistently worked for every dog. I also realized something that even seasoned trainers sometimes overlook:

A complete housebreaking system teaches you how to turn those critical first impressions into the building blocks for all your training goals. 

A priceless benefit, indeed! And the books and online videos don’t talk about that.

The obvious next step is transferring that valuable content from individual face to face lessons into an online course format that works for everybody. But that’s not something I should do or even try to do without feedback from some real live Goldilocks doubles to try it out first. 

And that’s why I’d love to extend an invitation to you! Let me show you around inside my online vision so that you can tell me if what you find is too much, not enough, or just right. 

If you’re willing to help me finish building the online version of my housebreaking system and make it the BEST online resource for starting dogs of any age, size, or breed, then I’m willing to extend to you a very favorable offer for a “founding member” price.

When this course is Goldilocks approved and offered to the general public, the starting price will be $197. (A real bargain considering it’s hard to put a price on confident smiles and wagging tails!) 

Here’s my offer to you, though…

Join me today as a founding member ( Goldilocks Group) and your price will be just $67.  Sound good? Contact me for details.

Your founding member status entitles you to lifetime access to the course. All the future updates and the added bonuses are included free. In return, all I ask is that you participate, try things out, and have fun. 

But to make this work to everybody’s advantage, the group has to be kept small. I’d like to limit my Goldilocks Group to about 20-30 participants. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, or bowl of porridge, (too much?), I’d love to give you a great big warm welcome! To accept my invitation all you have to do is contact me now and say “Yes. Tell me more about Goldilocks.”

When I hear back from you, I’ll send you to the official sign-up page.

Here’s to making everything just right!

Talk soon,


PS – Don’t have a dog now that needs housebreaking? When you come aboard anyway as a founding member you’ll be waaay ahead of the game when your next dog shows up in your life!

PPS – Decided to pass on the invite? No worries!  But please don’t hesitate to forward this email and pass the offer along to a friend who could really use a good deal like this one right now!

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